When individuals operate with courage, authenticity, compassion, openness and collaboration good things can happen. When a group of people operate in this way great things happen.

We work with the whole system to create conditions for people to thrive in complexity and change. Move from average to amazing by developing your leadership capacity, engaging people, and creating results together. Our processes leverage the combined knowledge, wisdom, and heart of your entire organization. We can help you connect to your unique organizational purpose, and plan and implement change that unleashes the potential of the people who work there.

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We work with the whole system and whole person to create conditions and simple practices that help individuals and organizations flourish. How leaders guide and support change will determine the kind of culture that emerges. Cultures are not created; they evolve in complex environments based on relationships, a shared purpose and direction, and adaptive and agile leadership. Evolving your organizational culture is a transformational process that involves curiosity and openness to unlearn one way of being and doing and to experiment, learn and find new paths forward.

“In a simpler world, perhaps unilateral power held by a single, smart, capable leader could rule the day. In a complex world…. it takes a collective sharing of power, creativity, and perspectives to become agile and nuanced enough to lead into the uncertain future.”
Jennifer Garvey Berger, Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders

Our Summit Spaces create the conditions for transformative and sustainable change. The key features of our approach to organizational development and change include that it is holistic, integrated, developmental, appreciative, customized to your unique context, emergent and results driven.

  • Holistic – we work with the all the aspects of employees and leaders as human beings (mind, spirit, emotion and body) and work with the organization as a whole. We recognize the importance of creating conditions for people to flourish – spaces where diverse people are welcomed, connect with each other and have a sense of belonging.
  • Integrated – we design each process or activity to incorporate learning and working with the real-life situation, issues and opportunities of the organization. People will develop new skills for collaboration as they collaborate in your change work.  Your teams will develop new collective capacity to evolve their work after our work with you is done.
  • Developmental – we engage people from all levels in your organization in processes that support individuals to learn and grow. We build learning about new ways of ‘being’ into the ‘doing’ of the work.  This deliberately developmental approach maximizes the impact of your change effort.
  • Appreciative – we use an appreciative approach to understand the strengths and wisdom within the organization. This creates the ground for learning and growth that is just right for where you are.
  • Customized – we start where you are, explore together the stories and patterns in your organization, and challenge assumptions that no longer serve your purpose. Together we discover a path forward that fits your organization.
  • Emergent – we create processes and spaces for dialogue and experimentation that support emergence of new possibilities. We intentionally work with this ongoing process of ‘becoming’.  Adaptive change takes time and experimentation.  We use practices that help you learn and adapt as you go.
  • Results driven – we evaluate regularly and adapt as we go. We document the progress and amplify what works.

Individual and organizational success is about healthy and effective relationships – relationships with self, each other, the collective and the wider community. Our holistic approach helps you to build relational capacity and relational competency of individuals, teams and organizations. You will learn not only the WHAT but HOW to create the conditions that allow for maximum growth of the human potential within your organization and for thriving into the future.

Our services include:

  • Organizational Change and Transformation
  • Team Mobilization/Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Work Cultures
  • Working Together Virtually

If you are ready for your organization to have more courage, more authenticity, more compassion. more openness greater collaboration, and achieve amazing results, talk to us.  We can create a customized plan for unleashing your organization’s potential!