It takes courage to lead in complex times. Now more than ever is a time for a fresh perspective. Founded on our Courage Code™ and supported by Summit Spaces™, our integrated approach helps to transform your way of working and being to thrive in a complex world. We work collaboratively with you on real business issues and leave you with the tools, practices, and capacity to lead and navigate change. It is not only what we do but how we do it that makes the lasting difference. 

Courage Code

Our Courage Code guides both how we work with our clients and what we achieve together.

Courage. We are committed to tell the truth without blame and judgement, take risks to serve a higher purpose and values, address difficult issues directly, and to be accountable for our contributions and actions.

Compassion. Relationships and emotional agility are fundamental to our practice. Compassion and care infuse our way of being with clients and partners. We welcome and work with the whole human being – body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Openness. We are receptive to new ideas.  We value the creativity that emerges from including diverse perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and knowledge that help us to see new possibilities for action.

Authenticity. We walk our talk and consciously balance self-awareness with system awareness to meet our clients where they are and build trust to grow together.

Collaboration. We engage our partners and clients in co-creating our programs, services and creative solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Summit Spaces

Summit Spaces are the environments that we co-create with our clients where wonder can be revealed, where we develop deeper awareness of and connection with our inner and outer worlds and can get in touch with that which is larger than ourselves.

They promote psychological safety and relationships with self, others and the collective. They support individuals and teams to reach the highest potential of their development.  Summit Spaces are characterized by the following

Inclusion. Everyone is invited, welcomed and encouraged to contribute. We promote equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized for any reason. We invite the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotion) and whole system to the space.

Learning. Every space provides an opportunity for learning. We meet people at their learning edge and make it safe to experiment and to fail. We invite them to their next stage of development and understand that it is important to experience the learning at every stage.

Creative. Summit spaces help people to step outside the box and to develop and express themselves and their ideas in new ways. We enable people to step back as observers of themselves with new eyes and to create new possibilities for action.

Generative. Summit spaces promote flourishing and transformational change. People evolve a shared identity and common purpose that enables growth and builds capacity to continuously evolve and improve.

Challenge. There is freedom and expectation to challenge and offer a dissenting opinion. Safety to challenge ensures we tap into the wisdom and intuition of each person. It promotes Innovation and agility to sense and respond to a rapidly changing environment.

Healing. Summit spaces are relational spaces where people are listened to and heard. Being present and listening to each other creates moments where healing is possible. People start to heal when they feel heard.