Workshops / Events

Courage Group’s uses highly participatory and experiential processes in our workshops that promote engagement, creativity, relationship building, deep learning, and fun. We believe that high learning is achieved with high play. We work with the whole person and enable participants to tap into all of their intelligences: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We help participants to make meaningful connections with themselves, each other, and the collective while achieving practical results and objectives of the workshops. In our experience, the connections that they make have a positive impact on their future work together and support building a “community of practice”. We encourage maximum freedom and maximum choice that is bounded by passion and responsibility. Participants have the opportunity to experience and apply simple tools that they can continue to use after the workshops. We have expertise in applying our holistic and experiential learning and meeting processes in online as well as face-to-face environments.

“ Learning something new is easy. The difficulty is to accept the change that this knowledge produces in you. ”

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Choose from one of our existing workshops customized for your unique context or co-create with us a personalized offering for your team or organization. Invite us to provide engaging keynote speaking at your event.

Courage Group Workshops and Keynote Topic

  • Opening Pathways to Authentic Leadership (OPAL)
  • Practicing Authentic Leadership
  • Leading and Motivating Staff in Transformative Change Times
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Transformational Team Building
  • What’s Your Learning Style?
  • Authentic Listening
  • Strategic Planning to Facilitate Change
  • Serenity and Vitality
  • Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership
  • Breakthrough Leadership with Creative Leadership Competencies
  • Reiki – All levels

Genuine Contact™ Program Workshops

  • Foundations 1 – Path to Organizational Health and Balance
  • Foundations 2 – Achieving Organizational Health and Balance
  • Foundations 3 – Individual Health and balance
  • Session 1 – Working with Open Space Technology
  • Session 2 – Whole Person Process Facilitation
  • Session 3 – Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Session 4 – Genuine Contact Organization
  • Session 5 – Train the Trainer

Other Collaborative Workshops

  • Health Coaching Skills Development for Health Practitioners
  • Building Successful Mentoring Relationships
  • Authentic Leadership For Women- Equine Assisted Learning